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The Original Twins Milestone Cards

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Our HoneyBug gifts are beautifully wrapped, tied up with a bow and topped with our signature glitter wand.


This exclusive twins version of the baby cards is created to capture special twin moments like arriving home and smiling at each other plus capturing the growth with special 'today we are xx weeks/months old' cards. Also included are cards with room for 2 dates for each baby for all those other wonderful firsts like rolling over, sitting up, crawling and saying ma-ma and pa-pa.

Product Description:

  • Minimalist design, with illustrations in sleek graphic prints in black, beige, muted peach and blues and yellows
  • Contains photo cards that you can use to capture their first year in weeks, months, and memorable moments
  • Add a card to their pictures and you will never forget when your little ones slept through the night, rolled over, or said mama for the first time


About Milestone:

Milestone® for your memories. Milestone all about creating lasting memories. Their journey started when their founder Gemma wanted to capture the first time her son Mikkel rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She did the same when he slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food, etc. Realizing how precious those pictures were she turned her idea into a product and started Milestone!


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