Toddler Milestone Cards Set - Honey Bug
Toddler Milestone Cards Set - Honey Bug

Toddler Milestone Cards Set

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This set of Toddler (Junior) Cards contains 30 cards with memorable events that occur somewhere around the ages of 1 to 4: learning to jump, dance, throw and catch a ball, ride a bike, count to ten, climb the stairs, are just a few of many toddler highlights. 

Product Description:

  • Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your little one together with the card. Their childhood pictures will be truly unforgettable. Includes a cute little poster with all the milestones on it.


About Milestone:

Milestone® for your memories. Milestone all about creating lasting memories. Their journey started when their founder Gemma wanted to capture the first time her son Mikkel rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She did the same when he slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food, etc. Realizing how precious those pictures were she turned her idea into a product and started Milestone!