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Peach Velvet Duo Dress - Honey Bug
Peach Velvet Duo Dress - Honey Bug

Peach Velvet Duo Dress

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Mademoiselle à SOHO
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This peach velvet dress is a luxurious must have for any special occasion, wedding or holiday.

Product Details:

  • Dusty pink dress
  • Round neck, short sleeves, elastic waist, pleats at the waist button back


  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Two materials velvet and tulle

About Mademoiselle à SOHO:

Since 2010, Mademoiselle à SOHO is a multi cultural clothing brand based in NYC with a nomad ADN. MàS never follows trends, and the inspiration comes from the energy of visited places, people met. MàS is a balance between tailored and cool, simple but in a fashionable way, with a touch of humor. In every style there is a detail, could be a color challenge, fabric twist or a texture secret. Call it French elegance, Romanian handcraft and American comfort.