About HoneyBug

Hi, Nice to Meet You!

Whether you're buying for your child, or gifting to someone else’s, HoneyBug is reinventing how you shop for kids. HoneyBug celebrates the joy of getting and gifting baby essentials through extraordinary convenience, comprehensive selection and a personalized buying experience that helps you make the right choices every step of the way. With over 1,000 of the hottest baby and kids items around, moms can find new gems, stock up on old favorites and explore the magical world of motherhood, one milestone at a time. HoneyBug helps parents and gift givers explore thousands of bestselling and high-quality clothes, toys and accessories, not to mention, save 10% each time they create a HoneyBug Box, discovering combinations as unique as their Little One from Pregnancy to Preschool.

Our Unwavering Commitment

Since its inception, HoneyBug made an unwavering commitment to prioritizing brands that strive to leave our world a little better than they found it - those focused on ethical sourcing, sustainable & organic production, community giveback, fair business practices and progressing female owned & independent businesses forward. We are proud to say over 80% brands meet these standards.

Female Owned

Ethically Sourced

Independent Artisans

Community Impact

Meet our Founder.

Jennifer Kennedy launched HoneyBug in 2019 not only in a bid to reinvent baby and kids’ gifting, but in an effort to create a company that supports, listens and fosters female entrepreneurs and young talent. Jen founded HoneyBug out of her garage, while holding a full time job as a Senior Vice President of Product Marketing & Innovation at a multi-billion dollarbrand, and navigating life with two small children. As a mom of two, her family’s schedule was constantly overflowing with birthday parties, baby showers and more, and finding the time to shop for the perfect gift became next to impossible. While successful in her career at global consumer brands, Kennedy always felt that companies missed the opportunity to embrace and cultivate the unique perspective and energy women and mothers brought to the office. Driven by a deep curiosity, resilience and vision for creating a company that celebrated women at all stages of their career, especially Motherhood, HoneyBug was born.

The Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand.

The star wand. It started as a unique way to garnish a gift box but evolved into an expression of what makes HoneyBug, HoneyBug. It’s the intentional, purposeful hand-wrapped box that was lovingly finished by our hive to yours. It’s the moment of delight when seeing the package for the first time, knowing what’s inside is for such a cherished celebration. It’s the adventurous & fearless child who waves the wand to perform a magic spell. It’s the busy mom who sees the wand sticking out of a pencil cup or in a kitchen drawer and is momentarily transported into a place of wondrous joy. It’s the beloved baby who can’t even comprehend the magic they hold within them yet. They are magic. You are magic. And we’re here to celebrate that.

Behind the Scenes at HoneyBug

Sure, work is work, but we love to have fun here too.