Our Top 10 Valentine's Snacks, 

Treats & Lunch Ideas

JANUARY 3, 2023


Imagine your child when they open their lunchbox to find fun, festive goodies?! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make heart-shaped-everything, and here's what we're doing to celebrate this season in a way that goes straight to their heart... snacks. 

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No. 1

Sweethearts Lunch

Valentine's is the time for heart-shaped everything! That even includes PB&J sandwiches! Your little one is sure to love these easy lunch ideas that will make their heart and bellies very happy! 

No. 2

Valentine's Breakfast Board

Hannah Brown, @hellobrownfamily

Hello fun and interactive breakfast! Switch it up a little and instead of making it for your littles, craft a beautiful board and let them play! This will bring joy to the morning along with some yummy fuel for the day. 

No. 3

Heart Shaped Mini Pizzas


How cute are these little things?! They're giving lunchables, but cute and trendy. And we're here for it. Your little bugs (and let's be honest, you too) will be loving these fun takes on pizzas. They're the perfect way to say "take a pizza my heart".

No. 4

Heart Toast & Eggs


Okay we're in love! And also now want breakfast for dinner. This adorable breakfast idea will get your little ones so egg-cited for the day of love! Super simple, and oh so cute! 

No. 5

Valentine's Fruit Salad


Some super cute sweets for your little sweetie pie! Red is the color, the rest is up to you! Watermelon is such a good fruit to use with a cookie cutter, so cut it up, go to town, and your little one will be smiling ear to ear when they see this fun fruit salad! 

No. 6

Love Bug Oreo Cookies


Okay who doesn't love Oreos! These little treats are such a cute way to celebrate with your little love bug. Just look at those little eyes! 

No. 7

V-Day Lunch Box


Raisins as hearts?? Okay waaaay better than ants on a log if I can say so myself. Not only is it super cute, but very nutritious and your little love will be fueled up with this adorable lunch idea. 

No. 8

Valentine's Snack Mix


This snack mix has so many of our favorite things! The great thing about making your snack mix is you can put in anything your little one likes! The possibilities are endless and we sure are hungry thinking about them! 

No. 9

Cupid's Pancakes


Sprinkles are the perfect add to any pancake batter!! And what a fun and special way to start the day of love, am I right? Check out this recipe for the how-to. 

No. 10

Sweetie Pie Dessert Board


Okay WOW we can't get enough of this one! To finish up our list, checkout this absolutely incredible dessert board! So many sweets that everyone in your family will love. No need for anything fancy, just give everything a place, get some little bowls for dipping sauces, and you are ready to roll! 

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