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We know gift giving isn't one-sided, so we're here and ready to help!

HoneyBug cares about the sender of a gift just as much as the receiver. We're all about the joy of gifting AND getting, and we're here to make sure your gift-giving experience is fun, easy, and supreme to any other gifting experience.

Four ways, same team, no robots!

Everyone is a VIP in our hive. Select a method to contact a living breathing human at our HoneyBug HQ in San Diego, CA and we'll be in touch faster than you can say "Can I speak to an agent?"

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Behind the Scenes at HoneyBug

Sure, work is work, but we love to have fun here too.

The Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand.

The star wand. It started as a unique way to garnish a gift box but evolved into an expression of what makes HoneyBug, HoneyBug. It’s the intentional, purposeful hand-wrapped box that was lovingly finished by our hive to yours. It’s the moment of delight when seeing the package for the first time, knowing what’s inside is for such a cherished celebration. It’s the adventurous & fearless child who waves the wand to perform a magic spell. It’s the busy mom who sees the wand sticking out of a pencil cup or in a kitchen drawer and is momentarily transported into a place of wondrous joy. It’s the beloved baby who can’t even comprehend the magic they hold within them yet. They are magic. You are magic. And we’re here to celebrate that.