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My First Words

Clever Publishing
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Clever Publishing has transformed the traditional block format into something entirely new - and fun. After finishing a play session, children can stack the mini-books like blocks to build a tower, sort them by color, use them as a rattle, or place them back into the carrying case by matching each book with a corresponding picture in the box.

The durable format featuring colorful illustrations with a fresh and modern design is the perfect way to introduce children to everyday subjects and basic concepts such as fruit, pets, toys, animals, shapes, and colors.

Sturdy cardboard pages and rounded corners are created to withstand the wear and tear of a preschooler’s active lifestyle The books are a perfect tool to help children develop hand-eye coordination, curiosity, and emotional intellect.


Product Details:
  • An ideal baby's first library with 15 mini board books
  • 5-in-1 format: book, block set, rattle, match game, and a learning tool
  • Gift box with magnetic closure
  • A perfect gift for any celebration from baby shower to Christmas
  • Encourages interactive learning of basic concepts by stacking, sorting, and solving simple puzzles