Small Peg Puzzle - Honey Bug

Small Peg Puzzle

Clover and Birch
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This Peg Puzzle toy is an heirloom piece that will surely be passed from one generation to the next! The various sizes of the rounded pegs create endless opportunities for exploration and pattern recognition. While your little one enjoys their Clover and Birch peg game, they will also be honing in on their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Product Details:

  • Young babies benefit from the easily grasped object as they begin working on fine motor skills.


  • Hand wash with hot water and a mild soap
  • Each wood puzzle toy is created from locally sourced spalted poplar and meticulously crafted by hand in the Clover and Birch studio
  • Each piece features smooth, rounded edges and is polished with organic coconut oil

About Clover and Birch:

Clover and Birch was inspired by a desire for families to have beautiful toys, made of natural materials, that would become heirloom pieces, not just another disposable product. Created by a mama of three free-spirited little ones, the Clover and Birch product lines are inspired by the interests and developmental stages of her own children, making this family brand truly one-of-a-kind!