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Customize the perfect gift by selecting premium items from four or more baby loving categories. Perfectly curated for the newest Bug on the block, you can't go wrong with any combination!

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You’ve got an eye for great gifting. When you build your own box, you get to handpick something cute, something smart, something sweet, something fun, and the little finishing touches that make your HoneyBug gift that much more thoughtful, personal, and perfect for your loved one and their little Bug.


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Building your own box comes with its perks. You deserve a trophy for being so sweet and thoughtful. But trophies are heavy and hard to ship, so we hope you’ll accept 10% off your purchase!


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This step is simple! You’ve successfully curated cuteness and saved 10% along the way. Once you check out, we’ll send you a confirmation and tracking code so you know exactly when to expect your box to arrive!

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