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This box features one of the most popular and trendiest baby brands around - Quincy Mae. A favorite of fashion forward moms, Quincy Mae is carefully sourced using only certified organic cotton. Seasonal collections offer you beautiful color palettes, minimal print patterns, and velvety soft fabrics with an approach focused on luxurious simplicity. The minimalist approach to art and prints combined with soft wearable colors will always be the staple design features of Quincy Mae and have made the brand stand apart since its inception.

Gift box includes:

  • Organic Cotton Wrap Top by Quincy Mae
  • Organic Cotton Pant by Quincy Mae
  • Organic Cotton Knotted Hat by Quincy Mae
  • Organic Cotton Swaddle by Quincy Mae
  • Natural Frigg Pacifiers by Mushie
  • Pacifier Clip by Chewable Charm
  • When I Am Big

Make sure to tell the new parents...

  • This box has everything you need to get the perfect hospital pictures, long snuggles or both
  • Chewable Charm pacifier clips are the perfect accessory to keeping pacifiers off the floor. Made from organic maple wood and soft beads that are free of BPA, phalates and harmful chemicals
  • The FRIGG line of silicone pacifiers has been thoughtfully designed for your baby's comfort. The outward curve keeps the pacifier off their delicate skin, while features like air holes and a security handle ensure your baby stays safe. Available in a range of soft colors, FRIGG pacifiers make a beautiful addition to your collection of baby essentials. Pacifier nipple is made from 100% medical grade silicone and 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • A Walk in the Forestintroduced the enormously talented Maria Dek, and When I Am Big is a beguiling follow up to her first success. Charming illustrations and text encourage young children to explore what they can do as they grow up. The adventurous child imagines "I will tie my shoes all by myself, make 3 knots with big bows"; to eat twenty pizzas in one sitting, or walk animals, eight at a time, while teaching them tricks.When I Am Bigis also an unconventional counting book, as it goes all the way to twenty-five. The result is a book that nourishes a child's curiosity, confidence, and delight in the world's wonders

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Loved it. What I wanted was beyond exceeded.

Elvira Yulan (Cumming, US)
Great Baby Items

All the items that I have purchased for my co-workers have been top quality.